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Staf Pengajar Program Studi Agribisnis, Fakultas Pertanian UNS
Masuk 25 Februari 2012; Diterima 27 Februari 2012

Economic development is identified by the structural transformation of the economy as quickly is of an economy that relies on agriculture into a modern industrial economy and the all-services complex. The study aims to identify the role of agriculture in the district of Sukoharjo by analyzing the performance, the ability of employment absorption and create job opportunities for other sectors. This research uses descriptive analytical method with a basis of primary data in the form of Gross Regional Domestic Product data and the amount of agricultural and non-agricultural sector labor in Sukoharjo district. The data is analyzed by Location Quotient and Number Multiplier. The analysis result showed that the agricultural sector is the sector where the base of the agricultural sector to
meet local needs and the surplus is exported out of the Sukoharjo. Agricultural sector number multiplier on average is 4.86 indicating that the addition of a job opportunity in the agricultural sector is able to add five jobs in non-agricultural sector. However, the agricultural sector multiplier has a tendency to decline so that the necessary efforts of local governments, public and private sectors
to work together in order to invigorate the agricultural sector remains the sector base in the region through improved agricultural technology and infrastructure and education to motivate people to continue working in the agricultural sector .
Keyword: The role of the agricultural sector, base, labor absorption, Sukoharjo

Download:  Analisis Peran Sektor Pertanian Di Kabupaten Sukoharjo