Vision, Mission, and Goals


“To be an excellent study program at international level in the field of agribusiness, with an orientation for sustainable agricultural development to improve community welfare.”



  1. Organizing education in agribusiness to produce competent graduates who becomecreative and competitive professionals
  2. Conducting research to develop science and technology to support sustainable and qualified agribusiness development
  3. Organizing community service through the dissemination of innovative concepts, designs and methods, as well as strengthening agribusiness management


  1. Producing agricultural scholars in the field of agribusiness who are analytical, professional, creative, tough, with high integrity and able to contribute to the welfare of society in the frame of sustainable agricultural development
  2. Making the Agribusiness Study Program the center for the development of science and technology in the field of agribusiness which is always oriented towards the welfare of the community
  3. Increasing the role of study programs in community development in the agribusiness sector through ethical approaches, analytical thinking, and strategic action