Student Community Service (KKN)

Community sevice program is a part of higher education that place student outside the campus so that they can learn to live with the society, to help and assist the society in explore the potency of human resource and natural resource to solve society’s problems. The student should apply for internship by filling in Forms of application for Internship. The time of internship coordination is specified when inter-semesters take place. Students can do internship out of a specified time, as far as it does not disturb the educational activities of related students. Internship having 2 credits take place for minimum one month or more. After finishing internship, with the guidance of a internship advisor appointed by the internship commission, students must compile internship reports. Maximally 2 months after internship ends, students must apply for the form of Internship Examination; internship Examiner Team consisting of internship advisor and other examiners associated with their field will examine the students.


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