Program Learning Outcome (PLO)


Kode Rumusan CPL
PLO1 Able to apply ethics based on religious, legal, and social norms as well as the noble values ​​of the nation’s culture, especially in the profession in the agro-technology sector.
PLO2 Demonstrating effective and responsible performance based on academic values, norms and ethics, both individually and in group work.
PLO3 Having the willingness and ability to learn lifelong, to develop professionalism in the field of agro-technology.
PLO4 Having knowledge of agro-technology, especially plant production systems based on the principles of sustainable agriculture and utilization of local resources.
PLO5 Able to apply crop production technology that is adaptive to the development of the industrial era 4.0, based on knowledge of agro-technology and the principles of sustainable agriculture by empowering local resources.
PLO6 Able to develop science and technology in the field of agro-technology to solve crop production problems based on research and scientific publications.
PLO7 Able to initiate and carry out entrepreneurship in the field of plant production in a professional and innovative manner.
PLO8 Able to communicate science and technology in the field of agrotechnology to society for the benefit of agricultural development.