Student Activity Units

The development of student interests and talents through extracurricular activities is available at the university, faculty, and study program levels. UNS has a Student Creativity and Reasoning Development Unit (UPKPM) that aims to improve student competence and  achievement in various creative and logical reasoning activities at the national level. Various  SPA-UNS student extracurricular activities are available including the improvement of English language capacity (IAAS); writing skills and scientific studies (Scientific Study Group (KSI),Student Press Institution (LPM Folia), and AIESEC); entrepreneurial spirit (Student Market (BM) and Student Cooperatives (Kopma)); art (Student Choir Voca Erudita (PSM VE) and Theater Work Group Thoekoel (KKT Thoekoel)); organization (Student Executive board (BEM), Student Executive Board of Faculty of Agriculture (DEMA FP), Family of Agribusiness Students (KAMAGRISTA), and Association of Indonesian Agricultural Economic Students (POPMASEPI)); and religion (Ukhuwah Forums and Islamic Studies (FUSI), Family of Catholic students of Agricultural Faculty (KMK FP), Alliance of Christian Students of Agricultural Faculty (PMK FP), and Hindu’s student community (KMHD).

Student Executive Board (BEM)

Student Executive Board (BEM) functions as a student representative to accommodate student’s aspirations complying with program guidelines stipulated in the Student Family Conference of Faculty of Agriculture UNS.


The Nature Lovers Student Association (PMPA) KOMPOS is a nature lover organization at the Faculty of Agriculture, UNS. Routine activities carried out are blood donation, waste analysis and cleaning, fun climbing, adventure. This organization teaches an independence and concern for the nature in which we live.


The Scientific Study Group or Kelompok Studi Ilmiah (KSI) is a student activity unit at the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, which is engaged in the scientific field. KSI has activities to organize scientific forums, guide the writing of PKM, etc.


Folia is a student activity unit at the Faculty of Agriculture, UNS, which is engaged in student press institutions. LPM Folia has activities in the fields of magazines, bulletins, photography, and news.


The Thoekoel Theater Working Group is a forum for a group of art workers within the UNS Faculty of Agriculture which was formed in 1991. The routine activities carried out by this community are nature and space scenes, art performances, both theater and music. At prestigious events such as PKKMB, this Thoekoel appears to fill the event.


Student Exchange or often abbreviated as Bursa Mahasiswa (BM) is a Student Activity Unit (UKK) at the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, which is engaged in entrepreneurship. This Student Activity Unit was established on November 10, 1991 with the principles of family, professionalism, creativity, innovation, and productivity. BM has a cooperative to develop the interests and talents of its members.


The Voca Erudita Student Choir at Universitas Sebelas Maret (PSM Voca Erudita UNS) is a forum for student activities engaged in the arts, especially choral art. PSM Voca Erudita UNS itself has become one of the prides of UNS and the city of Solo and even Indonesia. With the various achievements that have been achieved, Voca Erudita has helped make UNS, the City of Solo, and Indonesia proud on the world stage.


The Traditional Arts Coordination Board (BKKT) of Universitas Sebelas Maret is a forum for UNS student activities who have interests, talents, and desires to develop traditional arts which is a combination of creativity, taste and initiative of the nation itself through communication and art appreciation. As time goes by, BKKT UNS is not always stagnant in traditional arts. BKKT UNS is also engaged in developing contemporary art but still guided by traditional Javanese art. This is because BKKT UNS wants to preserve traditional culture in Central Java in general and in Solo in particular.


KARATE UNS it is one of the UKM that accommodates one of the martial arts branches at Universitas Sebelas Maret. Martial arts from Japan which means “empty hands”.


The Marching Band of Universitas Sebelas Maret is a forum for student activities engaged in the arts, especially music. Routine activities carried out by the UNS Marching Band are Member Recruitment (Open Recruitment), DIKSAR Musik (Basic Music Training), LATAL (Natural Exercise), welcoming new students, and so on.